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BTC Club is a peer-to-peer nonprof community managed by a team of volunteers who are also participants onthe platform. It enable participants to donate and be donated too using a bitcoin as a form of exchange. When you donate $ 20, the system automatically assigns two participants to donate to you $ 20 each. After 30 days, You earn $ 40. As simple as that. Its main purpose is to make people rich using the chance of emerging Bitcoin value. You can donate upto $100 (10 times)

The packages are as follows

Requirements for joining BTC Club

1. You must have a valid email address. Go to step 1 if you want to get an email address.

2. Should have a bitcoin wallet address.  A wallet address is like a bank account where

     your bitcoins are kept. Use your email to get a bitcoin wallet address.  Check step 2 to

     get a bitcoin wallet address from Block chain.

3. Must have Bitcoins in your wallet address. You can exchange your local currency into

    bitcoins by using your local bitcoin merchants in your locality or Register with bitpesa

    (Bitpesa account in validated within 15 working days) You you can contact

    +256756003616 to help you buy bitcoins. Use your wallet address to get bitcoins.

    Go to step 3 to register with Bitpesa

4. Must open a BTC CLUB account. Here, you use your email to open an account

    and you wallet address to donate and to be donated to.

If you already have an email, bitcoin wallet address and Bitcoins in your wallet, please click here to join BTC Club

Steps you should follow when Joining BTC Club

Step 1. Open an email address if you don't have one


NOTE: Leave this step if you already have an email. Just proceed with Step 2

Email addresses can be signed up from one of the following email providers



Outlook etc

Click at any above provider and follow the steps to get a new email address. But i prefer Gmail

After you have got your new email address, leave the window open and continue to step 2

Step 2. Get a Bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: Leave this step if you already have a bitcoin wallet address. Just proceed with Step 3

The recommended website for a Wallet address is Blockchain.

Click here to Open a Bitcoin Wallet address

After Signing up with blockchain, Check your email and activate your Block chain Wallet

Then proceed with Step 3

Step 3. Open a bitpesa account

NOTE: Leave this step if you already have a bitpesa account. Just proceed with Step 4

Bitpesa is an exchange channel where you exchange your money from the local currency to Bitcoin(BTC) and vise versa

Curently, it supports the following Countries

- Kenya

- Nigeria

- Tanzania

- Uganda

Bitpesa operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm (East African Time)

If your country is not listed, then contact bitcoin marchants in your country. Click here to register with bitpesa

And then follow the instructions

Step 4. Join BTC Club

This is the final step.

BTC Club is a nonprofitable community managed by a team of volunteers who are also participants on the platform. All participants are 

committed to provide financial and social opportunities in order to promote the well being of everyone across the world.


When you join, you will need to donate the sum of either $20 or $50 worth of bitcoin to a fellow clubber assigned to you by the system, after which the member will confirm your donation.

Within 20 to 30 days, the system will automatically assign two other clubbers in the same donation category to pay into your bitcoin wallet, making 200% (double) of your initial donation.

BtcClub operates no central account so all donations are made directly to fellow clubbers bitcoin wallets.

A referral bonus of 10% of a new member's donation is also paid to you each time you introduce a new clubber to the system.

    Click here to join BTC Club

                    Follow the steps

In case of confusion while Joining, Contact +256756003616